Kulliyah (Undergraduate Program)



Arabic 5A- This course will cover the well-known text of Arabic Grammar known as The Alfiyya of Ibn Maalik. This is the most advanced text in grammar and ultimately covers all of what a student needs to grasp the whole of grammatical issues in the language. The commentary that will be used for this course is that of Ibn Aqeel.

Aqidah 5A- This course will introduce the nadthm of the famous “Umm Barahin” of Muhammad Sanusi.  The nadthm is called “Mawahib al Qudoos” by Shaykh Ahmadu Bamba Mbacke.  It is a dynamic versification of the original that is introduced here for the first time anywhere.  The style and composition of this nadthm will aid the student in understanding and memorization. 

Hadith 5A- Tadrib ar-Rawi. Students examine the hadith sciences in greater depth, including case studies of selected hadiths, and a focus on the practical application of gathering chains, complimenting and criticizing narrators, and how these processes result in judging the probative quality of a hadith. Special attention will be given to the work of Imam at-Tirmidhi (rahimahullah), including his Kitab al-‘Ilal.


Quran Science 5A- This course will introduce the student to the Sciences of the Quran.  The text used for this course will be "Itqan fi Ulum al-Quran" by Jalal ad-Deen as-Suyuuti.  


Madih 5A- This course will cover the famous Qasida of Imam Busiri called the "Burda". The commentary used for this course will be "Al-Umdah fi Sharh al-Burda" by Shaykhul Islam Ahmad Ibn Hajar al-Haytami.

Maaliki Track

Fiqh 5A- This course will cover the seminal text of the Maliki School, The Mukhtasar of Khalil. The text of Khalil covers all chapters in fiqh, and details the various opinions of the major scholars of the school. It is the most advanced text in the Maliki school in which there are numerous commentaries varying from small to voluminous. The commentary that will be used for this course will be the Sharh Kabir by Dirdir along with the Hashiya of Dasuqi.

Shafi'i Track

Fiqh5A -Minhaj at-Talibin.  Students learn the variant opinions within the Shafii school, along with their respective evidences and rationales. Students will acquire the skill to methodically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the opinions studied, with a special emphasis on analyzing methods of legal analogy (qiyas).

                                                                                           LEVEL 6A

                                                                                      CORE COURSES


Arabic 6A- This course will cover the famous text in the science Sarf by the shaykh of the Grammarians, Ibn Maalik entitled Laamiyatul Af’aal. The student here will further become grounded in verb morphology and its applications.

Seerah 6A- This course will introduce the student to the science of the Seerah of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.  The text used for this course is the dynamic nadthm entitled "Alfiyyatul Seeratul Nabuwiyyati li Iraaqi".  The commentary for this course will be the book entitled "Al-Ujaalatul Saniyya" by Shaykh Abdur Raa'uf al-Manaawi ash-Shaafi'i. 

Madih 6A- This course will continue the students engagement in Madih with another qasida by Imam Busiri entitled the "Hamziyya". The text for this course will "Manahul Makkiyya fi Sharh Hamziyya" by Shaykhul Islam Ahmad ibn Hajar al-Haytami.


Mantiq 6A- This course continues the study of Mantiq, or Logic with the advanced text entitled "Taybia fi Ilm al-Mantiq" by Abi Muhammad Abdus Salaam al Faasi, and its commentary "Tawshih wa Turra" by Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Barri ash-Shanquitti.  
                                                                                                                                LEVEL 7A 

​                                                                                      CORE COURSES


Aqidah7A- This course will cover the text of the well-known scholar of Mauritania, Ibn Buna entitled Kifiyatul Waseelah.  The commentary used for this course will be that of the living Wali of Allah Shaykh Muhammad Hassan al-Khadim ash-Shanquitti.  The student here will advance a degree in their knowledge of the details of Islamic Theology and serve as a primer to the final text, The Idaa’tul Djunna.  

Balagha7A- This will engage the student in the science of Balagha.  The text used for this course will be "Laamiyyatul Arab" by Shams ibn Maalik al Azdi.  This text will enhance the students love for the beauty of the Arabic Language.

Seerah 7A- This course will explore the ghazawaat(battles) of the Prophet Muhammad(saws).  This will be a fascinating venture for the student as it increases the love and knowledge of the leadership of the Messenger of Allah(saws). The text used for this course will be the nadthm of Ahmad Badawi al-Majlisi ash-Shanquitti, with the commentary "Rawdhu Nuhaat ala sharh nadthm al-Ghazawaat" by Shaykh Hammad Ameen ibn Muhammad al-Majlisi ash-Shanquitti. 

Readings in Prophetic Hadith- Students will begin reading Riyadh as-Saalihin using the commentary entitled Dalil al-Faalihin