Alimiyya – Graduate Program

Graduate Program

Core Courses

Arabic 6A
This course will cover the famous text Mughni Labib of Ibn Hisham. The commentary of Shaykh Damamimi will be used for this course. The student will learn the sharh of the mufradaat of the Arabic language. A very beneficial course.

Balagha 6A
This course continues the study into the science of Balagha. The text used for this course is the Jawharal Maknun by Sidi Abdur Rahman al- Akhdari. Students will use the commentary of Shaykh Damnhuri entitled Hilyatul Lubb al Masnun. This will enhance the students’ love and attachment to the beauty of the Arabic language. A necessary course for the understanding of the Quran and Arabic poetry.

Aqidah 6A
This course will cover the seminal text in the Ash’ari Creed known as Idaa’atul Djunna by Imam al-Maqari. This book is known as “The Mother of Tawhid” in Mauritania and is the highest and last book studied in the manhaj there. This text has a lot of benefits and will establish the student as an authority in the science of Ilm al Kalaam.

Maaliki Track 6A

Fiqh 6A
This course will cover the science of Qawa’id Fiqhiyya. The text used for this course will be the Manhaj al-Muntakhib ila Qawa’d al-Madhab by Imam Ahmad Ali al-Manjur. Students will also be using the Takmila lil Manhaj by Sidi Mayyaara. Additional readings for this course would include the Kitab al-Furuuq by Imam al- Qaraafi.

Shafi’i Track 6A

Fiqh 6A
Idah al-Qawa’id al-Fiqhiyyah. Students learn the legal precepts (qawa’id fiqhiyyah) necessary for a proper conception and application of jurisprudence, enabling them to engage the discipline as a dynamic and living tradition.

Core Courses

Arabic Grammar 7A
This course will cover the masterpiece from the Shaykh of Grammarians Ibn Maalik entitled Maqsur wal Mamdud. This text is anadthm that covers the grammatical aspects of the shortened and the elongated words, as well presents it in a style and grace covering aspects of spiritual aphorisms. A fascinating text for language students that exemplifies the eloquence of the Arabic Language. This course is in two sections.

Tasawuf 7A
This course will cover the masterpiece of Tasawuf literature by the “Rectifier of the Ulema and the Awliya” Shaykh Ahmad Zarruq entitled “Qawa’id at-Tasawuf.” This text is beautifully written using wisdoms, aphorisms, logic, and philosophy of Islamic thought, all written in 225 principles. This text is a must for students to master the understanding of such an important subject. This course is divided into two sections.

Maaliki Track 7A

Fiqh 7A
This course will cover the science of Usul al-Fiqh. The text used for this course will be the famous Maraaqi as-Su’uud by Sidi Abdullah Ibn Ibrahim al-Alawi ash-Shanquitti. This text covers all the chapters of Usul and particularized itself to the Maaliki school. The commentary used for this course will be the commentary by the author himself called Nashrul Bunuud ala Maraqi Su’ud. This an advanced text that the student at this level will appreciate.

Shafi’i Track 7A

Fiqh 7A
Ghayat al-Wusul. Students learn how to interpret the Qur’an and the Sunnah, adduce scholarly consensus, and employ analogy in-depth, along with the evidence in support of the methodology in question, a discussion of the evidence disagreed on by the jurists, and responses to various objections.

Core Courses

Hadith Science 8A
Fath al-Mughith. An in-depth study of the hadith sciences, with practical application from the six canonical collections and other hadith works.

Arabic 8A
This course will continue the study of Sarf with Ibn Maalik’s famous “Laamiyatul Afaal”. The commentary used for this course will be the “Tura” by Shaykh Muhammad Saalim Wuld Addud.

​Balaagha 8A
This course will complete the study of Balaagha. The text used for this course will be the nadthm “‘Uqood al-Jamaan fi Ilmi al-Ma’aani wal Bayaan” by the renowned scholar of Islam, Jalaludeen As-Suyuti.

​​Maaliki Track 8A

Fiqh 8A
This course will begin the students’ venture in the science of Qadaa’a. The text used for this course will be “Laamiyatul Zaqqaaq” with the commentary “Fath al-Aleem al-Khalaaq” by Sidi Mayyaara al-Fasi.

Shaafi’i Track 8A

Fiqh 8A
Tamhid fi Takhrij al-Furu ala al-Usul. This course offers a practical examination of how legal theory (usul al-fiqh) is employed as a tool for building an internally consistent understanding of the shariah, with detailed examples from the classic work of the great Shafii jurist al-Isnawi, at-Tamhid. Students will gain an appreciation for how a school of law functions, how proper legal reasoning (ijtihad) requires a preexistent framework of principles, and the important differences between usul al-fiqh and al-qawa’id al-fiqhiyyah.

Core Courses

Hadith Science 9A
Al-Muwatta’. Students examine the hadiths adduced for legal rulings, with an emphasis on applying general principles for extracting rulings from evidence, while identifying the various perspectives each evidence lends itself to. Students learn how hadiths are adduced to support the personal opinions of an independent jurist and gain an appreciation for the richness of the Islamic legal tradition in its diverse approaches to implementing the Sunnah.

Arabic 9A
This course will conclude the studies in Nahw with the seminal text by the Mauritanian scholar Mukhtar Ibn Buna entitled “Ihmirar Ibn Buna ala Alfiyya” with the commentary “Tura”.This text is a combination of Ibn Maalik’s two works in Nahw the Tasheel and the Khulasa. It is comprehensive and will solidify the students knowledge of Arabic Grammar.

Ilm as-Suluuk 9A
This course will be the culmination of the entire program, as it requires extensive knowledge of the aforementioned subjects. The text used for this course will be The Hikam of Ibn Ata’illah.
The commentaries read will be the commentary of Ahmad Zarruq and the commentary of Shaykh Ramadan al-Bouti.

Balagha 9A
Dala’il ‘Ijaaz . Students will continue the in depth study of Balagha with this seminal text by Al-Jurjaani.

Maqaasid ash-Shariah
Readings in The Muwafaqaat by Imam Shatibi in Maqaasid, the seminal text in the subject of Maqaasid ash-Shariah. It is a masterpiece that has no rival in Islamic literature. This will be the culmination of the study of the Shariah sciences.

Students will be required to write a 50,000-80,000 word dissertation on an approved topic by the senior scholars of Fayda Institute.

On completion of the Alimiyya Program, all graduates will be given a special ijaza to teach Maaliki Fiqh/Shafi’i Fiqh and Islamic Studies.

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