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Center for Arabic Language for Non-native Speakers

The Center for Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers is designed to facilitate the essential language skills of speaking, reading, and writing to non-native speakers. Our program is an intensive Arabic Immersion program that is designed and geared toward the student matriculating into the Islamic Studies Division and being able to function in an Arabic classroom.

We offer an interactive program that allows students to connect with one another in order to practice their language skills in real life conversations. Our program is a program specifically designed for new Arabic learners. We use the book authored by our very own Arabic instructor, Shaykh Muhammad Abdus Sabur entitled ” First Steps Towards the Wonders of the Arabic Language”. This book was written specifically for adults with limited time to spare, and is mandatory for all students who have not yet surpassed levels one or two. Most of us who have attempted to acquire a second, third, or fourth language are keenly aware that the critical stage in the foreign language acquisition process is indeed the first steps. The first introduction to reading , vocabulary manipulation, and grammatical application play a pivotal role in determining whether we decide to go back to that language class, pick up the book again, or continue to access the online material. For those of us who have experienced false starts with the Arabic Language, this will be the last first step that propels you to the next, culminating at the arrival of experiencing the wonders of the Arabic Language.

The methodology for this course will be to introduce both vocabulary and Grammar that allows the learner to immediately begin using the language. The vocabulary and Grammar that is introduced are repeated throughout in order to assist with retention. Exercises on Sarf are strategically placed as an additional resource. The vocabulary words will be introduced before each lesson, and are expected to be memorized before the beginning of each class.

The Arabic Language Center consists of two distinct tracks. Track #1 begins with “First Steps” which is mandatory for all students as explained above, followed by Kitab al-Assasi. The study of the Kitab al-Assasi series is for students who would like to have a proficiency level in Arabic that would permit the study of any discipline using the Arabic Language medium. This track is particularly suitable for students who would like to delve into the wonders of the Arabic Language in the form of Arabic Literature, poetry, and periodicals.

Track #2 uses the Muhammad Bin Saud Series. This track is for the student who would like to study Arabic primarily surrounding topics that pertain to Islam. While there are mundane segments in this series, the student will be pleased to learn Arabic while studying Quranic verses, stories of the Prophets, and other related items.

The tuition fee for the program is $50.00 a month to be paid by the tenth of each month. Register today set out on the path to learning the language of Islam!

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