Arabic Language Requirement


Our goal at Fayda is to build the student to be able to study Islamic texts from the original language. However, the transition to Arabic can take some time. Therefore, we teach the elementary program of the Islamic Studies courses with English/Arabic as the mode of instruction. This will enable beginning learners of the Arabic Language to be able to enter the Islamic program and study the foundational courses at the elementary level simultaneously while studying in the Arabic Language Center.


The requirement for admission into the Islamic Studies undergraduate program is to have an intermedieate level Arabic proficiency.  This means that the student has to have either completed the level 3 books of the three level series of Kitab al-Asassi or level 3 of the Muhammad Bin Saud Series in the Arabic Language Center, and is able to pass the level 3 assessment successfully.  The Arabic assessments will be administered in July and August, the dates to be announced. 

This method builds the students to be able to study and understand the texts at a more profound level, and enables them to grow as Arabic learners to be able to graduate from the intermediate level to the most advanced level of scholarship. The Arabic Language is the key to the door to Islamic scholarship and must be given its proper respect and attention.