Admissions and Registration

Students are only allowed to study a maximum of two books at a time.  Students must complete those two books before moving on to the next two.  Before filling out the application form, students should survey the "Course Offerings" list and the study packages offered(this is found under "Course Payment"). The admission fee is a one time fee for the duration of one's participation in the program.


Pay The Admission Processing Fee of $25. Keep the receipt number or transaction ID handy.


Pay the course payment. You will select from the course payment page the package #.  The payments are to be paid monthly. These payment will be made from the 1st to the 10th of each month.  Send us an email telling us which package you chose and what classes you want to be enrolled in.


Your are all set. A confirmation email will sent to you confirming your admission payment, courses, and study package selected.