The Fayda Institute Program identifies two types of students. The first type of student is called the "Resident" student.  The Resident student is enrolled in the program and seeks to complete each level of core courses, along with either the Maaliki Fiqh Track or the Shafi'i Fiqh Track(of which they must choose one), with the intention to obtain the Certificate of Completion and/or Full Ijaaza at the end of the program.  For the Resident Program, we are seeking students from the ages 13 and up.  We want to "raise" a group of students who will complete the program from the Elementary to the Graduate Levels. These students will have been properly trained and taught and will receive full Ijaazas(licenses to teach).  There are examinations and memorization requirements for some courses. Resident students are required to memorize portions of the Quran with our staff of Quran instructors.  Applicants for the Resident Program must submit a 1-2 page essay expressing their desire to seek knowledge and why they would be a good fit for the program at Fayda Institute.  Essays should be submitted to our email at  All are welcome to enroll as Resident Students as long as they are committed and dedicated to the completion of the program.

                                                                  THE NON-RESIDENT PROGRAM

Our second type of student is the "Non-Resident" student.  This student just seeks to take a random selection of courses as they are offered each semester.  The Non-Resident student does not aspire to complete the curriculum, however, is looking to increase himself/herself in Islamic Knowledge for their own benefit.  This student is not subject to the examinations and memorization requirements that is demanded of the Resident Students. Non-Resident students do not receive Ijaazas(licenses to teach), however, if a non-resident student completes a level within a program(ie. Elementary Program) a Certificate of Completion will be rewarded.

All students, Both Resident and Non-Resident, will have access to the same class videos and lines of communication with the instructors.  At this moment, all classes are $50 a month.  We will be seeking donors and sponsors who wish to sponsor students by providing financial support for the duration of their studies.  The plan is to become a full-fledged Jaami'ah and establish a physical campus in the West where the program can continue in person, as well as online.  Any questions should be sent by email to


(Advanced Fard Ayn and Arabic Literacy)

This is new certificate program that focuses solely on learning the individual obligations(Fard 'Ayn) and guarantees functional Arabic Literacy by the end of the program.  The program will be 24 months in duration.  Classes tentatively include:

2 Fiqh Courses:

    Matn of Al Akhdari

    Murshid Mu'iin(Ibn Ashir)

1 Aqidah Course:

   Jawharatul Tawhid(Imam Laqqaani)

2 Tasawuf courses:

    Matharatul Quluub(Muhammad Mauluud)

    Masaalik al-Jinaan(Ahmadu Bamba Mbacke)

2 Arabic courses:

   First Steps in Learning the Wonders of the Arabic Language(Abdus Sabur)

   Kitab al-Asassi  Book 1

At the conclusion of the program and succcesful passing of examinations, students will receive the AF'AAL Program Certificate of Completion.